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the sun, the ego

21 Mar

Music makes everything better. Good becomes great. Happy becomes happiness.

Today’s Emo: Anna Sun / Walk the Moon

your hands on my cheeks / your shoulder in my mouth’

Catchy. Guilty pleasure Monday. This takes me back to my Something Corporate/Taking Back Sunday days of musical naivety, and I love that I can still love songs like this.  These Ohioans are still playing the likes of venues like Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack, but have some serious heart and are sure to have 14 year olds weak in the knees in no time. Watch their music video and try not to smile, because clearly the lead singer can do nothing but. “Anna sun” in song sounds kinda like “innocent” and  I get it. Young fun free.

Live my life without coming up for air. #emo

Today’s Untz: Ego / Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke

‘I bet you hear this all the time’

A beautiful, chill collaboration. Four Tet and Radiohead make perfect sense. Settle into this song and feel the struggs of Monday wash away… earthy warm beats, it is the kind of song that can drift me into sleep with the volume down, or drive me to move with the speakers up. #untz