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when I’m undercover

7 Mar

Too much of a weekend to write much of an intro, but always time for songs. The flames lyrics below are especially relevant to Saturday as I learned to dip my finger in 100 proof liquor, set finger on fire, shoot the liquor, and then extinguish my finger. When trying this yourself, do not accidentally spit out shot onto open flame (Peter).

Today’s Emo: When I’m Small / Phantogram

and bring me to the fire  / throw me into the flames

My first few listens of this song left me transfixed by its sultry sound. Then I actually listened to the words and realized there is no expression of desire in the song, but rather a fierce expression of the opposite… ‘I’d rather die than to be with you…’ Ahem. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful song, and if you listen closely a couple of minutes in you can hear the basic tune from Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” repeating in the background. Really.

This electro pop duo from Saratoga Springs have been busting beats together since middle school, but officially gave Phantogram a go in ’07. When I’m Small was recently featured in the terrible, hot mess of an MTV show Skins and subsequently has garnered considerable buzz. Dreamy beats and soft vocals with an xx vibe… I can see why, and expect to be hearing more from Phantogram soon. #emo

Todays’ Untz: Undercover Martin (Passion Pit Remix)/ Two Door Cinema Club

and she spoke words that would melt in your hands / and she spoke words of wisdom

Another Two Door Cinema Club song because I cannot get enough of this Irish band’s debut album, and this song with a side of Egg McMuffin seriously woke me up for a day on slopes on Saturday morning. To bump up the already beat driven song I found this awesome Passion Pit remix.

Two Door is playing the Filmore before they come find me in the desert in April, so if you are planning to skip Coachella but take advantage of the epic influx of shows in the Bay the weeks pre/post Coachella, get this on your list. #untz


mornin’ parade

4 Mar

Nothing beats receiving the gift of music, except perhaps being the giver of music because the receiver has you in mind every time they hear your song for a long time, sometimes forever. I can still remember my high school algebra study buddy who burned me my first Death Cab for Cutie CD, and the thrill of opening a package of three mixes from a friend during a very homesick freshman year of college to discover Stars. Bon Iver’s album For Emma will forever both haunt me and make me smile over the set of hands that presented it to me.

In a world of itunes, instant downloads and Hype Machine, there is something pretty sweet about opening a CD case with a handwritten note etched inside from someone you care about. Today’s Wolf Parade track is the result of one of these said gifts. I feel lucky to have received it and happy to share it.

Today’s Emo: This Heart’s on Fire / Wolf Parade

sometimes we rock and roll / sometimes we stay at home / and it’s just fine / this heart’s on fire

It always throws me when I can’t pinpoint why I like a  song, but in this case I have to default to the fact that listening to this makes me happy. An old song that is new to me, the track is off of Wolf Parade’s debut album back in ’05. The Canadian foursome have been playing in enough packs (couldn’t resist) to be considered a supergroup, with members involved in Handsome Furs, Frog Eyes, and Swan Lake.  Animal fetish?

Sadly, I have joined the parade right as it is coming to a close – the group recently announced they are going on indefinite hiatus to work on individual projects, but will be playing one last show at Sasquatch in May. Catch them while you can. #emo

Today’s Untz: Mornin / Star Slinger

give me your sweet face / all laid up next to mine

I apologize for a slightly sleepy untz for a Friday, but just turn that speaker up.  A bro on my soccer team tipped me towards Star Slinger via a tweet (thanks Victor) and this has fittingly become my go-to morning commute song for the past few days. Delicious electro indie hip hop for breakfast. Truly I am wasting this gem with a dreary muni ride as my backdrop, as it would be better served in the comforts of bed durin a blurry eyed Sunday morning for two. Noted. #untz

girl in the deep

2 Mar

Rain in San Francisco during the week = fresh pow in Tahoe for the weekend. Lemons into lemonade.

Today’s Emo: Girl in the War / Josh Ritter

but I got a girl in the war, Paul her eyes are like champagne / they sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain

I haven’t come across any compelling indie this week so I defer to a  favorite from the vault. My love of emo originated from singer/song writers, and Josh Ritter is one of the best I know. The simplicity of sound and its contrast to the complexity in meaning make 2006’s Girl in the War captivating. Iraq, Bush, the apostles, faith, love, loss… interpret the words as you wish, or stop thinking and just listen. And listen. #emo

Today’s Untz: Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) / Mike Posner

there’s a fire starting in my heart / reaching a fever pitch /  it’s bringing me out the dark

Came across this track and was like, Mike Posner covering Adele?  Oh please. Then I started listening to it and was like oh, pleased. Until now I really have had nothing pleasant to say about Mr. Posner. I think that ‘Cooler Than Me’ is one of the more annoying songs of last year and that the the ’10 frat grad was more than a little self indulgent in wearing his Duke jacket in his Please Don’t Go video.

However, this effort shows talent is talent, and that I need to tone down the hating… after all I was in a sorority myself (sigh). Posner makes his take on Rolling in the Deep believable. Surprisingly heartfelt vocals, nice trickles of untz, a steady beat, and a touch of the original Adele perfectly woven in. Reminds me a little of the xx’s take on Florence and the Machine’s You Got the Love. Repeat repeat repeat. #untz