whale trak

25 Apr

Spring brings our beloved national pastime back into play, and a slew of drunken revelers passing through the ally way outside my office on game days. I know the Giants are playing an afternoon game anytime there is in influx of weed clouds, brawling, or public urination beyond the usual mayhem that can occur any given weekday on the streets of SOMA.

While it is exciting to have National Champions in the backyard, I will miss last year’s random Wednesdays when I snagged last minute $11 bleacher seats, downed a few at 21st Amendment after work and slipped into a spontaneous, fun filled evening. Now it is buying tickets weeks ahead and dropping four times the cash. It feels a little bit like that bittersweet moment when your favorite up and coming band has arrived, and you can no longer stand front row at their concert and lock eyes dreamily with the bass player for less than a movie ticket. You are really happy for them, but they suddenly feel less accessible, less… yours.

Still, it is really ridiculous for me to complain, especially after many depressing years of being a Mariners fan. I went to my first game yesterday afternoon, and even though it was a heartbreaking 10th inning defeat, the beard is feared.

Today’s Emo: Golden /The Devil Whale

‘I thought I heard someone say a prayer / and the words felt stolen’

Another band name with whale in it, although I believe panda is still the most represented member of the animal kingdom in band and dj names these days. I discovered The Devil Whale while doing homework for an upcoming concert – they open for the Head and the Heart Wednesday night at The Bottom of the Hill. Pleasant vocals, swaying melodies, and tambourines, these guys will be the perfect way to start what is sure to be a heavenly emo evening. #emo

Today’s Untz: Heads Will Roll / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A-Trak remix)

glitter on the wet streets / silver over everything’

I found Skrillex a little too much dub to take with my cornflakes on Saturday morning of Coachella, so A-Trak was the first untz set that I really settled into. And by settle into I mean get epically unsettled dancing. The crowd went nuts for Barbara Streisand (A-Trak is 1/2 of Duck Sauce) but it was hearing his version of Heads Will Roll live that had me undone…. and not just because it made me think of the magical dance sequence on the Halloween episode of Glee. Great energy, great friends, great #untz


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