strfkr lament

18 May

Two posts in two days feels a bit like pulling a double rainbow, but it is nice to get back on track, and there is music to be shared, even if it is occasionally squeezed in before meetings.

I was listening to songs and reading through a few older posts the other day, and realized there is scattered bitter sentiment about being trapped in the corporate jungle from time to time on TUATE.  Yesterday was my one-year anniversary at my job, and as much as my nature may occasionally fight being prescribed to a 9-5+ day, “reaching out” and exhausted, computer screen poisoned eyes, it has been a really great year for me here overall. So occasional bitching and moaning aside, cheers to that.  And cheers to music for drowning out the bitching and moaning.

Today’s Emo:  Lament / Mount Moriah

‘if this will be anything / than let it be over’

Mount Moriah breathe some fresh North Carolinian air into the indie music scene, with a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and lots of tambourine. The duo’s self titled debut album dropped April 12th, and I have enjoyed earfuls of  slightly rough but girly vocals and guitar laced melodies dripping of sweet Americana. #emo

Today’s Untz: Julius / Starfucker

‘picture your body / hearing your voice / fall into your eyes’

My favorite Portlandians just dropped a music video for one of the best tracks off their new album, Reptilians, and I have revisited and put on repeat. I have been dying to see Starfucker live since I caught the last few songs of their show at Rickshaw Stop a couple months back.

I will forever more call missing a show due to poorly timed arrival / miscalculation of door opening and opener set times as getting “starfucked” and will not let it happen again. Luckily STRFKR will be playing Outside Lands, so I can redeem myself come August. Might need to camp out outside GG park with the homeless the night before, just to be safe. #untz


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