bon wombat

23 May

We survived! Hooray! To quote my favorite Party Cat, we should celebrate.

Today’s Emo: Perth / Bon Iver

‘move dust through the light / to find your name’

Two Bon Bons in two weeks because the new album (which I may or may not have gotten my hands on thanks to the iTunes leak) is blowing my mind and headphones and speakers in a gentle ethereal manner since it’s un-release. I am floored by this song, its little drummer boy beats that become drummer man beats, and the way it makes me want to visit Australia and disappear into the outback. Enough said. #emo

Today’s Untz: Techno Fan / the Wombats (Afrojack remix)

‘the lasers fill our minds with empty plans / I never knew I was a techno fan’

One of my favorite people and untz companions Alex g-chatted me this track on Friday, and it went on repeat for the afternoon and into the weekend. Afrojack needs no introduction, but The Wombats are new to my ears and thus have been Wiki’ed. The bats are a group of Indie pop youngsters from England who sound like early Bloc Party, and Techno Fan is off of their January release, Jump into the Fog. Gladly. #untz


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