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alpine come down

16 Mar

I spent last night learning how to make beer with my sister and future brother-in-law. Thus a short and hoppy post, brewed with love.

Today’s Indie: Coming Down / Bon Iver (Anais Mitchell cover)

‘I never laughed so loud / I never laughed so loud / I think I’m coming down’

Bon Iver presents the perfect song to accompany this Friday morning’s feel after our fourth consecutive day of rain here in the Bay, cut by my own sniffles and a sleep blanketed head. Justin Vernon could bring me to my knees with a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Star, so hearing him sing something new that is so soft and simple and strong is the perfect pick me up. This is the first I have heard of his friend and collaborator Anais Mitchell, but her original take is pretty rainy day worthy as well. #indie

Today’s Untz: Hands / Alpine (Goldroom remix)

‘it’s ok to feel the ring on my hands, my love, my enemy’

LA’s Goldroom, aka Josh Legg has gotten a lot of playtime on TUATI, and for good reason. In addition to contributing regular posts on Binary Entertainment’s blog, he creates totally swoon worthy indie pop remixes. Today’s dreamy blend of snow and sand is off of six-piece Aussie group Alpine’s Hands. #untz


love rest

7 Sep

Off to see Givers play the Rickshaw Stop with a few of my favorite people tonight, and then hopping on a plane to Chicago for work in the morning. The busy life, musically infused.

Today’s Emo: Beth/Rest (solo piano version) / Bon Iver

‘our love is a star / sure some hazardry / for the light before and after most indefinitely’

Bon Iver takes the least Bon Iver sounding track off his recent album and slows it down, strips off all the overdone sax and zany guitar, and leaves us with some of his best work yet, the kind of music that settles into you while you settle into it, and brings you peace after you stop trying to figure out what the fuck Justin Vernon is saying/singing. I love the contrast of his lows and highs, and the rolling piano builds, love listening to this on repeat as I weave my way into sleep. #emo

Today’s Untz: Love in the Rimini / Peter & the Magician

Another untz pulled straight off my friend’s BlogJuice, and his description (me = lazy/busy): “Enjoy a slightly newish release from the Magician (ex member of Aeroplane). There isn’t much to say about the Magician that hasn’t already been said. He’s amazing and you should always check out his choice mixes.” Done. (Thanks Tom.) #untz

make pressure

3 Jun

I saw The Head and the Heart for a record breaking 4th time Wednesday night at the Warfield when they opened for Iron and Wine, and they just keep getting better. It was interesting seeing the same band perform mostly the same songs for so many shows within a six month period of time. You start to anticipate little movements on the stage before they happen – well timed foot stomps, band members moving together for mic sharing during harmonies, Charity drinking from a mug before her part in Winter Song. The group was hydrating more than usual and without brews, so I wonder if they were recovering from a big night… or just thirsty.

Even with all the foresight, everything still sounded fresh and cool and delicious instead of repetitive, felt comfortable instead of routine. That is the magic in seeing a favorite band time after time… they become an old friend. And I had the best company.

Today’s Emo: I Can’t Make You Love Me / Bon Iver

‘turn down the lights / turn down the bed / turn down these voices inside my head’

OK. One more Bon Iver track and then I promise to litter more variety back into the emo part of TUATE. It is just that I can’t help but buckle when Vernon sings Bonnie Raitt’s ballad, taking on an untouchable classic and making it his own. Stunning. What a falsetto, what a performance (youtube it) on Jimmy Kimmel Live of all places. Seeing Bon Iver live has become a priority, and I am rendered terribly impatient that he is not visiting California on his tour. Hello – most populated state?!

Anyway, beyond delighted with the album and this cover he has graced us with in the past few weeks. More smitten than ever. I will be here waiting. #emo

Today’s Untz: Pressure / Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali (Alesso remix)

‘turn around /  feel the sound / oh you make my heart pound’
This is just the kind of untz I was drinking up at the pool parties last weekend in Vegas… sassy female vocals, nice and steady build, magical trickles of beats that make my heart pound… it has that trashy but who cares I like it feel, just like Sin City. First I have heard of DJ Alesso, and I am digging slipping into this and into le weekend. #untz

bon wombat

23 May

We survived! Hooray! To quote my favorite Party Cat, we should celebrate.

Today’s Emo: Perth / Bon Iver

‘move dust through the light / to find your name’

Two Bon Bons in two weeks because the new album (which I may or may not have gotten my hands on thanks to the iTunes leak) is blowing my mind and headphones and speakers in a gentle ethereal manner since it’s un-release. I am floored by this song, its little drummer boy beats that become drummer man beats, and the way it makes me want to visit Australia and disappear into the outback. Enough said. #emo

Today’s Untz: Techno Fan / the Wombats (Afrojack remix)

‘the lasers fill our minds with empty plans / I never knew I was a techno fan’

One of my favorite people and untz companions Alex g-chatted me this track on Friday, and it went on repeat for the afternoon and into the weekend. Afrojack needs no introduction, but The Wombats are new to my ears and thus have been Wiki’ed. The bats are a group of Indie pop youngsters from England who sound like early Bloc Party, and Techno Fan is off of their January release, Jump into the Fog. Gladly. #untz

call calgary

17 May

A brief disruption from my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday untz and emo delivery schedule due to far too much fun this weekend and a sleepy, slightly uninspired Monday. Thank you to the few loyal listeners who reached out to make sure I was still alive after my failure to post. To make up for my tardiness I present two magical tracks. Enjoy.

Today’s Emo: Calgary / Bon Iver

‘who goes in and then stays inside / oh the demons come, they can subside’

The Bon is back, delivering Calgary off his upcoming self titled LP as the perfect umbrella for these folds of San Francisco rain and gusty bay winds. I listened for the first time this morning with bated breath and the highest of expectations, bracing myself for potential disappointment. Expectations were all exceeded.

The gentle rolling drums, that haunting voice, the sigh inducing lyrics, the layers of folky goodness laced in at the end… this is everything I expect from the man who locked himself into the isolation of a Wisconsin cabin in the woods for three months to emerge with For Emma, Forever Ago far too long ago. I cannot wait for the rest of his new album, but until then will be curling up into this on repeat. #emo

Today’s Untz: Call Your Girlfriend / Robyn (Feed Me remix)

‘don’t you tell her how I give you something that you never even knew you missed / don’t you even try and explain how it’s so different when we kiss’

OK, so it is never a great idea to promote being “that girl,” wrecking a home and the instigation of someone elses heartbreak. Accordingly, Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend is pretty mean, and definitely infringes on girl code. To her defense, the girl has been screwed over enough times in her other songs, whether she is dancing in the corner on her own watching you kiss someone else, missing her ex with every heartbeat, or never having him at all… so I suppose she can be a bit nasty and fight for what she really wants, just this once. Especially when Feed Me tosses in serious untz and makes her home-wrecking sound so wicked fun. Just watch your back.  #untz

skinny kicks

13 Apr

Pardon my brevity, but I have an epic adventure to prepare for. It has been a fairly emo past week or so for me, and I am looking forward to heading south, seeing my Grandpa in Palm Springs for a night and then losing myself in the desert at a campsite marked by a giant Deadmau5 head and never ending music.

Signing out until I get back. Stay tuned!

Today’s Emo: Skinny Love (Bon Iver c0ver) / Birdy

‘come on skinny love just last the year / pour a little salt we were never here’

A beautiful take on a Bon Iver classic, this cover sets in chills just like the original. I love this striped down, piano driven version of Skinny Love just like I love Sky Ferriera’s take on Animal… there is something simple and ethereal embedded in here. I always thought of this song as romantic, but Birdy’s take conveys some sort of subtle despair, and I listened to it on repeat at work all Tuesday (emo).

The awe inspiring part about this whole bit is that the girl is barely a teenager… Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde is a whopping fourteen years old. Floored. #emo

Today’s Untz: Pumped Up Kicks (the Knocks Remix) / Foster the People

‘he’s got a rolled cigarette hanging out his mouth / he’s a cowboy kid’

The Knocks slice something speedy into a favorite Foster the People song, and the result is indie untz bliss. The original version of Pumped Up Kicks is agreeable but lacks an edge… The Knock’s version deserves speakers up, windows down. Happiness. #untz