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back on a train

6 Jun

the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.’ – not Mark Twain

Summer is starting to arrive in San Francisco, with rolling afternoon fog slipping into rainy nights and puddle filled mornings on repeat. And with this the yearly grumblings and mentioning of above frequently mis-attributed quotation. I love listening to the rain in bed, and the Oregonian in me can handle the gloom, but it is hard having the rest of the nation begin to celebrate sun kissed skin, champagne picnics at the park, and warm summer nights, while we are bracing ourselves for three months of  hoodies, wellies and space heaters.

So it goes. Drive one hour outside of the city in any direction – Napa, South Bay, East Bay, and you can get weekend windows of sunshine, and come November when snowstorms start rattling the Midwest and Northeast, I will go out running in a tank and shorts and smile. Like most of life, perspective.

Today’s Emo: Back to Back / Wolf Gang

‘the whole world is sleeping / I still lie awake up in my bed / as I came around to thinking / that I don’t want nobody else’

London’s Wolf Gang reminds me of MGMT meets XX meets a Yeasayer type vibe… a slightly sleepy, trippy sound with high pitched vocals and little trickles of electronics, bundled up into a simple and refreshing sound. The song lyrics have me thinking cuddle logistics… as a restless sleeper, back to back is kind of my MO, but I think the song is referring to being back to back with a friend that you want something more with, and wanting to turn things around.  #emo

Today’s Untz: On a Train / Yusek (the Magician remix)

I love the Magician’s take on Lykke Li’s Rivers, and am almost equally impressed with this rendition of Yusek’s On a Train. The song itself is pretty depressing, more or less about having nothing to lose in life (in a bad way) and wanting to leave (on a train). The sound wakes me up and makes me happy though, and I like the contrast. Haven’t heard much from French DJ/producer Yusek, but adding him to my watch list. #untz

make pressure

3 Jun

I saw The Head and the Heart for a record breaking 4th time Wednesday night at the Warfield when they opened for Iron and Wine, and they just keep getting better. It was interesting seeing the same band perform mostly the same songs for so many shows within a six month period of time. You start to anticipate little movements on the stage before they happen – well timed foot stomps, band members moving together for mic sharing during harmonies, Charity drinking from a mug before her part in Winter Song. The group was hydrating more than usual and without brews, so I wonder if they were recovering from a big night… or just thirsty.

Even with all the foresight, everything still sounded fresh and cool and delicious instead of repetitive, felt comfortable instead of routine. That is the magic in seeing a favorite band time after time… they become an old friend. And I had the best company.

Today’s Emo: I Can’t Make You Love Me / Bon Iver

‘turn down the lights / turn down the bed / turn down these voices inside my head’

OK. One more Bon Iver track and then I promise to litter more variety back into the emo part of TUATE. It is just that I can’t help but buckle when Vernon sings Bonnie Raitt’s ballad, taking on an untouchable classic and making it his own. Stunning. What a falsetto, what a performance (youtube it) on Jimmy Kimmel Live of all places. Seeing Bon Iver live has become a priority, and I am rendered terribly impatient that he is not visiting California on his tour. Hello – most populated state?!

Anyway, beyond delighted with the album and this cover he has graced us with in the past few weeks. More smitten than ever. I will be here waiting. #emo

Today’s Untz: Pressure / Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali (Alesso remix)

‘turn around /  feel the sound / oh you make my heart pound’
This is just the kind of untz I was drinking up at the pool parties last weekend in Vegas… sassy female vocals, nice and steady build, magical trickles of beats that make my heart pound… it has that trashy but who cares I like it feel, just like Sin City. First I have heard of DJ Alesso, and I am digging slipping into this and into le weekend. #untz

mean cartographer

1 Jun

Vegas, oh Vegas. I had a magical untz filled weekend with three of my favorite ladies and came home late Monday night in surprisingly decent shape, save for tomato tinged skin due to a lazy last day at the pool and several vodka infused tomato juices that led to poor estimation of SPF. I returned to work from the long weekend with tired legs and a strong craving for emo… always feel the pull to maintain that inner balance.

…Also, it is June?!

Today’s Emo: Cults / You Know What I Mean

’cause I am afraid of the light / yeah you know what I mean’

It has taken me a while to get back on the Cults train after falling in love with Go Outside, but You Know What I Mean has recently grown on me. Madeline Follin’s voice is so sweet, and the intro makes me think of a high school prom from an earlier era and teenagers slow dancing at arms length surrounded by slowly circling disco ball light… despite being tinged with sadness, there is something strangely romantic about it all.

After over a year of buzz, Madeline and her boo, Brian Oblivion, finally drop their self titled full length album this month. Definitely sippin’ on the Cult Kool-Aid. #emo

Today’s Untz: Stellar Cartographer I / Radioseven

Today’s untz is a gentle one because my ears are still ringing from XS Sunday night, and these synth drenched beats offer the perfect soothing sounds, reminding me of Explosions in the Sky and Germany and Germany’s instrumental work. I could not come up with a better name for the way this song sounds and feels… dreamy, celestial beats sprawled out across a canvas, one following another into the unknown and disappearing too soon. Radioseven is decidedly mysterious himself…. he (or she? they?) is from Vancouver, but that is all that is out there on the anonymous dream weaver. I like the intrigue. #untz