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love rest

7 Sep

Off to see Givers play the Rickshaw Stop with a few of my favorite people tonight, and then hopping on a plane to Chicago for work in the morning. The busy life, musically infused.

Today’s Emo: Beth/Rest (solo piano version) / Bon Iver

‘our love is a star / sure some hazardry / for the light before and after most indefinitely’

Bon Iver takes the least Bon Iver sounding track off his recent album and slows it down, strips off all the overdone sax and zany guitar, and leaves us with some of his best work yet, the kind of music that settles into you while you settle into it, and brings you peace after you stop trying to figure out what the fuck Justin Vernon is saying/singing. I love the contrast of his lows and highs, and the rolling piano builds, love listening to this on repeat as I weave my way into sleep. #emo

Today’s Untz: Love in the Rimini / Peter & the Magician

Another untz pulled straight off my friend’s BlogJuice, and his description (me = lazy/busy): “Enjoy a slightly newish release from the Magician (ex member of Aeroplane). There isn’t much to say about the Magician that hasn’t already been said. He’s amazing and you should always check out his choice mixes.” Done. (Thanks Tom.) #untz


back on a train

6 Jun

the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.’ – not Mark Twain

Summer is starting to arrive in San Francisco, with rolling afternoon fog slipping into rainy nights and puddle filled mornings on repeat. And with this the yearly grumblings and mentioning of above frequently mis-attributed quotation. I love listening to the rain in bed, and the Oregonian in me can handle the gloom, but it is hard having the rest of the nation begin to celebrate sun kissed skin, champagne picnics at the park, and warm summer nights, while we are bracing ourselves for three months of  hoodies, wellies and space heaters.

So it goes. Drive one hour outside of the city in any direction – Napa, South Bay, East Bay, and you can get weekend windows of sunshine, and come November when snowstorms start rattling the Midwest and Northeast, I will go out running in a tank and shorts and smile. Like most of life, perspective.

Today’s Emo: Back to Back / Wolf Gang

‘the whole world is sleeping / I still lie awake up in my bed / as I came around to thinking / that I don’t want nobody else’

London’s Wolf Gang reminds me of MGMT meets XX meets a Yeasayer type vibe… a slightly sleepy, trippy sound with high pitched vocals and little trickles of electronics, bundled up into a simple and refreshing sound. The song lyrics have me thinking cuddle logistics… as a restless sleeper, back to back is kind of my MO, but I think the song is referring to being back to back with a friend that you want something more with, and wanting to turn things around.  #emo

Today’s Untz: On a Train / Yusek (the Magician remix)

I love the Magician’s take on Lykke Li’s Rivers, and am almost equally impressed with this rendition of Yusek’s On a Train. The song itself is pretty depressing, more or less about having nothing to lose in life (in a bad way) and wanting to leave (on a train). The sound wakes me up and makes me happy though, and I like the contrast. Haven’t heard much from French DJ/producer Yusek, but adding him to my watch list. #untz

deep sea love lost

26 Jan
It has been unusually pleasant in San Francisco, making it increasingly unpleasant to be trapped indoors. 68 and sunny t-shirt weather in January. Sigh. Between dreaming of Dolores Park, Ocean Beach and hiking, I present two tracks to help trek through the rest of the work week.

Todays Emo: Love Lost / The Temper Trap

‘keep in mind / when you’re ready / I am here to / take you every time’

Love Lost is played at the end of  “No String Attached,” which I saw on Monday night. Great song, not so great film. I was happy to hear it, because it took me back to an afternoon in Golden Gate Park, at Outside Lands last August.  Aussie group The Temper Trap was the first band I caught for the day, and I really just showed up to hear their single, Sweet Disposition. It seemed like everyone else did too as there was quite a bit of chatter and little focus amongst the crowd when the band took the main stage. Then this song’s signature clapping came on, and things fell quiet. Fast. It is rare for a song to win me over on first listen, let alone first fifteen seconds. Love Lost is definitely attention worthy, and soaking it in for the first time with the sun and a beer and my best friends was simple happiness.  #emo

Today’s Untz: I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) / Lykke Li

“I, I follow / I follow you / deep sea baby / I follow you”

This jam makes Lykke Li a serious contender for Sweden’s 2nd best musical export next to the goddess that is Robyn. Lykke’s raw and unchecked voice isn’t necessarily pretty, but somehow her songs are pretty to listen to. And while the lyrics in this track are beyond repetitive, it really doesn’t get old. Bongo drums, a disco vibe, and piano cords mesh to untz worthy perfection, only aided by ex-Aeroplaner The Magician’s clever twisting of rhythm.

I also like that Lykke is out there, a la Lady Gaga, from her outfits to her interview comments to her music videos. Just watch her video for Get Some and you will see what I mean. Her new album, Wounded Rhythms, will be released at the end of February, and I will definitely be checking it out. Until then, rivers. #untz