stateless sound

31 Aug

Today’s theme, in two acts: songs best played behind closed doors.

Today’s Emo: Bloodstream / Stateless

‘I think I might’ve inhaled you / I can feel you behind my eyes’

An emo from the vault that I have found on repeat as of late… this song has me sighing within the first few key strokes. Bloodstream echos that feeling when love (or lust) washes over you like a drug, leaving you all fuzzy and heavy headed with dazed eyes, at its mercy until you come down.

Stateless is a five piece British electronic rock group that has been around since the early 2000’s. They released a new album out last winter, but I just keep tracing my way back here to curl up. Addicted. #emo

Today’s Untz: The Sound of Violence / Cassius (Aeroplane remix)

‘another night, another day / it’s better this way, let the music play’

A misleading title, because there is nothing but peace and love wrapped up into this remix of a Cassius classic. The lyrics are a little, er, direct, but luckily my mom tends to just read the little blurbs at the top of my posts to keep tabs on what I am up to, instead of delving into the tracks themselves. I suppose today’s blurb doesn’t help my case. So it goes. Tropical and smooth in sound, I would love to settle into this song with a beer on a beach… dare I say, when the sun goes down? #untz


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