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17 Oct

Just coming down from my first Treasure Island weekend and I am angry at myself for not attending previous years’ festivals. I have never experienced a music festival that felt intimate, never had such a delightful backdrop as the San Francisco skyline, and never enjoyed a crowd so much. Saturday’s untz had everyone’s feet off the ground, prancing around in headdresses and fairy wings, while Sunday was a chill day of picnic spreads, cat naps in the sun and swaying to sounds.

Oh, and the music was amazing. Highlights include The Head and the Heart (surprise), Friendly Fires dancing their faces off with us, Beach House, and below.

Today’s Emo: No Way / The Naked and the Famous

No Way

‘no way / no way / no we’re never gonna talk about it’

One of my favorite sets of the weekend was my first to soak in on Saturday afternoon, Kiwi indie rock quintet the Naked and the Famous. They played their better known singles, but also had my knees buckling over stuff I was hearing for the first time, including No Way, a song with a certain finality that felt stirring live.

Everyone in the band looks young and most of the male members are in need of hair cuts, reminding me of the teen dreams of the 90’s 90201. Lead singer Alisa Xayalith was absolutely mesmerizing in a billowy bright red shirt with matching red lips and killer long bangs, swaying as she sang and played the keyboard. My festival party all tried to guess which lucky band mate she is sleeping with. #emo

Today’s Untz: Doors Unlocked and Open / Death Cab for Cutie (Cut Copy remix)

‘down in the ocean of sound  / we’ll live in slow-motion / and be free / with doors unlocked and open’

I finally saw CC (and danced my face off) for the first time on Saturday night, and the festival closed out with Death Cab Sunday night, so this remix is the perfect weekend blend. I would never have predicted mixing these two worlds would work so well, but now that I dig into the track it actually makes perfect sense… eerie, funky, tropical let’s get a little weird chill untz. #untz


One Response to “famous cutie”

  1. janine October 17, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    l.o.v.e. that TNAF song!

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