catcall club

19 Oct

Short and sweet, but with love.

Today’s Emo: Video Games / Bombay Bicycle Club (Lana Del Rey Cover)

‘I tell you all the time / heaven is a place on earth with you / tell me all the things you want to do’

The boys of Bombay Bicycle Club take one of my favorite songs of the year on a ride, turning Lana Del Rey’s breakout Video Games into a slow, dreamy heartfelt duet with the help of Lucy Rose. I love that they brought her in for the girl parts that would sound weird coming from a guy, but still own their part in its own right. The lead singer of BBC reminds me of Arcade Fire’s Win Butler with a slight Kermit the Frog tinge in his voice, in a good way. A song with such romantic devotion seems best played by two; Video Games are more fun with company. I love this song. #emo

Today’s Untz: Satellites / Catcall

‘deep breath and fill your lungs / and say it / say it’

Some funky, feel good 80’s inspired electro-pop to ease away Wednesday blues. Satellites is the first single off Australian artist Catcall’s upcoming LP debut, Warmest Place, due early 2012. I have had the track on steady repeat since initial discovery. The catchiest of choruses lead to the happiest of cats. #untz


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  1. Linda January 14, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    Thank you for an incredible post.

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