go to the lagoon

26 Oct

It is the Wednesday before Halloween, and I find myself without a costume. I would be one of the kids from the Dubstep Xpertz videos, but people would just think I was a Mission hipster/pre-gaming for the Deadmau5 show instead of actually being out for the night as someone else. San Francisco problems.

Today’s Emo: Montana / Youth Lagoon

‘there’s a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul / oh what a soul’

I am late on the Youth Lagoon parade but so happy to finally be sharing a track. I have never met someone from Montana I didn’t like (or love) so I was drawn in by song title alone, but stolen away by the song’s pull of piano and whispery, calming vocals. This is the type of music that causes me to slow down for a moment… it makes me feel a lot of things that I can’t quite separate out into pieces, in a good way.

Youth Lagoon is the project of Boise’s Trevor Powers, and Montana is off his recent release, The Year of Hibernation. The 22-year old is playing the Bottom of the Hill on Tuesday, November 1st, a perfect way to cut the work week with some gentle lo-fi bedroom pop musical rumblings. #emo

Today’s Untz: Let Me Go / Kaskade ft. Marcus Bently

I had to run to dinner last night post gushy emo write up and ended up out entirely too late for further considerate listening or pondering, but Nicole (dining and subsequent wine bar mate/best friend) has listened to Kaskade’s new album and assures me that it is amazing, and that this is the best part. #untz


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    […] similar sounding tracks, all of YL’s The Year of Hibernation has me captivated. I shared Montana earlier in the year, but here is my second favorite, a song about daydreaming away your fears. It […]

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