future rock fever

28 Oct

Favorite Halloween costume idea: a shirt that says “October 28th.” When people ask what you are, say “Last Friday night.” Happy Friday, happy trick and treating.

Today’s Emo: Knew You Well / Cultfever

‘and we try we dont get it and all along we forget its just the two of us here and we’re alone’

New electro pop duo, Cultfever, provides the perfect opus to roll us into the weekend. Robust sound with a bite of strong female vocals reminds me of Metric, and its matched perfectly with sprawling, celestial synth. Roller coaster of sound in my ears. Like another New York based male/female team, Cults, Brooklyn’s Tamara Jafar and J Peter Furniaks have been gaining serious buzz online, and I can see why. Knewyouwell is off of their first album, set for release on Tuesday the 1st. Enjoy. And then enjoy again and again and again. #emo

 Today’s Untz: Understand the Sky / Future Rock remix

Found this track, as I find most of my favorite less known electronic music, from my friend Tom’s blog. Keeping with today’s celestial sounding stuff, Future Rock’s remix of Understand the Sky has a slightly out of this world glean to it that has been getting me through the end of the week. The Chicago based trio is supposedly magical live, so hope they travel West. #untz


One Response to “future rock fever”

  1. Shaun Stay October 28, 2011 at 5:52 am #

    Great work guys! Keep on going!

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