time on desert islands

27 Feb

The best weekends lead to the worst Monday morning blues…

Today’s Emo: Desert Island / Mansions on the Moon

‘you found all the pieces and you rebuild me / all that surrounds me’

Here is the perfect mellow musical antidote from Atlanta indie pop trio Mansions on the Moon. I was floored on first listen by their song Leaves Fall, but Desert Island comes in at a close second with its tingly xylophone and hushed, arcing vocals. The track is off of the group’s debut EP, Lightyears, and the whole thing is entirely outer space worthy. #indie

Today’s Untz: As Time Breaks Off / Delorean

As Time Breaks Off grabs you on first breath, even though (or maybe because) the first few moments sound like we are heading into Eye of the Tiger.  With throbbing beats and epic guitar, it is a fast moving song that carries you with it, instilling a sense of movement and time that feels fitting for a song called As Time Breaks Off from a band named after one of the most epic time machines in history. An oldie but a goodie, the track is off Basquean group’s 2005 album, Transatlantic KK, which has been on heavy rotation on my Spotify all week. #untz


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