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time on desert islands

27 Feb

The best weekends lead to the worst Monday morning blues…

Today’s Emo: Desert Island / Mansions on the Moon

‘you found all the pieces and you rebuild me / all that surrounds me’

Here is the perfect mellow musical antidote from Atlanta indie pop trio Mansions on the Moon. I was floored on first listen by their song Leaves Fall, but Desert Island comes in at a close second with its tingly xylophone and hushed, arcing vocals. The track is off of the group’s debut EP, Lightyears, and the whole thing is entirely outer space worthy. #indie

Today’s Untz: As Time Breaks Off / Delorean

As Time Breaks Off grabs you on first breath, even though (or maybe because) the first few moments sound like we are heading into Eye of the Tiger.  With throbbing beats and epic guitar, it is a fast moving song that carries you with it, instilling a sense of movement and time that feels fitting for a song called As Time Breaks Off from a band named after one of the most epic time machines in history. An oldie but a goodie, the track is off Basquean group’s 2005 album, Transatlantic KK, which has been on heavy rotation on my Spotify all week. #untz


stay close and hold me

18 Apr

So Coachella happened. And it exceeded the highest of expectations on all counts. I was tireder, happier, crazier, and loved my friends more than I imagined possible. I cried during The National’s performance of Terrible Love at sunset and had to calm myself so I didn’t hyperventilate during the Twelve’s set while dancing my face off in reckless abandon in bright 2 pm 90 degree sunlight. It was truly a beautiful weekend that embodied all of me that is both untz and emo.

Even though I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night thanks to campground parties til the wee hours of the morning followed by a very glaring wake up call at 7 with the sun, I feel invigorated. We drove through Sunday night, I drifted into a coma from 5-11 this morning and have been watching my favorite sets and all that I missed on YouTube since. Today’s post features a couple songs from of an endless list of highlights from the weekend. Back to real life tomorrow.

Todays Emo: Stay Close / Delorean

‘I could never stand not being closer

Started day 3 of Coachella with Delorean’s set. They opened with their single Stay Close, and it was the perfect way to start the day, shake off sleepiness, settle into the couple beers I had with breakfast and soak some energy back up.

Delorean is an indie pop quartet from the Basque Country who have been together since 2000, but this is the first I have caught of them. The group was so happy to be there and I loved watching them show it, even though the lead singer’s teeth are distractingly terrible. From open to close the song itself pours out happiness, with cooing female echos chopped into layers of dreamy synth and steady beats. If you need any further reason to lose yourself in the glow, watch a few minutes of the song’s splashes of summer music video. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Used to Hold Me (Laidback Luke remix) / Calvin Harris

‘knocked down with everything I tried to do / that sounds something like me holding you’

It was a weekend of artists being playful and sampling a lot of their comrade’s work, so while Calvin didn’t come lay his original version of this track out, Luke nailed it Saturday evening a little before sundown in the Sahara tent. Epic lights, epic energy, Luke sliced in a bit of Robyn’s Indestructible before slipping seamlessly into his remix of You Used to Hold Me. Not the best sound quality but you can get a good feel for the experience here. Also funny people start booing at the end of this clip when LBL starts a mix of Viva La Vida. Coachella untzers were simply NOT down with Coldplay. #untz