river runs dry with drvgs

7 May

Today’s Untz: DRVGS / DVBBS & River Runs Dry / Gladkill

We’re on our way back from a hot and relaxing weekend in Florida. The hot sun jetting out its sweet, sweet Vitamin D can sure do a number on your soul. It feels great to have gotten out of the city, but I’m excited to return. Since I missed Friday’s untz I’m going to post two tracks today.

The first is a chilled out melodic remix of a DVBBS track from my buddy VOODOO FARM. Liam Dirlam, the mastermind behind this musical project, normally puts out tracks that bang pretty hard. This one certainly does just in a different way than what we’ve come accustomed to. I’m hoping we get to see this side of VOODOO Farm more. Having seen his productions skills evolve over the years, I know he’s capable of dominating any musical genre. It’s been fun to watch. Keep an eye out for some more remixes and an original album dropping in the future. The Future is bright for VOODOO FARM.

The second track is from Gladkill. He produced it a few months back and decided he wanted to share something new. It certainly is in the same chillstep, luvstep, whateverstep as the VOODOO FARM one. This song has a warped ninja dojo vibe to it. Dig it. tom/untz


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