9 May

Today’s Untz: Chateau (Country Club Remix)  / Housse De Racket

Today I want to highlight two up and coming DJ/producers from Australia. The two funky mates are Cassian and Shazam which make up Country Club. They tackle a Housse De Racket song and turn it into a house masterpiece ripe for the dancefloor. They’re on a mission my friends. In their owns words…

“Country Club has and always will be about raising awareness. The youth of today too often turn a blind eye to the practices of yesteryear. Chivalry is dead, Croquet participation is at an all time low, and collared shirts are virtually non-existent.

Country Club aims to bring to light these issues in society by speaking to the youth the only way they know how: dance music. As the fists pump and the pupils dilate they will unknowingly be absorbing an imperative message. The days following a Country Club “experience” will be full of introspection: “why am i so compelled to wear a glove on my left hand?”, “why am I so upset that the soup spoon is inside the tablespoon?”, “what does magnanimous mean?

The answer to all questions lies within, it is the power of house music, the mystery of the dance.”#untz/tom

Bonus Track: Fat Popa – Monkey Safari (Country Club Remix)



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