like christmas morning

9 May

I woke up to a Tweet this morning that The Head and the Heart had just shared another Chapel Sessions recording via the amazing, female driven blog from Colorado, Fuel/Friends. An impromptu Christmas morning! I could not be more pleased with what they recorded on this go. Here are my two favorites.

Today’s Indie: Gone / The Head and the Heart

‘take back your pictures / take back your letters / don’t send me no postcards telling me you miss me’

Gone is a wistful goose bump raiser live, and I have been trying to track down a recorded version of it since the band nailed it at Coachella this year. The song is signature THATH, with a woo-ing chorus, Jon’s soaring vocals, and the stirring up of longings you didn’t even know were buried in you. To call it sigh inducing would be putting it lightly.

Untitled / The Head and the Heart

‘but I remember days when money didn’t matter / I was building forts in swamps in the summer / and you were serving tea to the queen’

Untitled is another doozy, grabbing me in its first few lines and leaving me yearning for the simplicity of sleepovers on big trampolines in backyards under the stars and a life before commuting and Excel spreadsheets and heartache. There are some great harmonies here that I can’t wait to hear live met with beautiful rolling piano, and a riveting ending.  And I heard you say, look outside the sun is rising, every cloud in the sky gone. #indie / tory


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