slow it down

4 Jun

Today’s Indie: Slow it Down / The Lumineers

‘act like you’ve been here before / smile less and dress up some more’

Welp, it is a rainy Monday, and I am in a bit of an emo mood today, so here is an emo track and a happy dog (our dear friend T, rocking some killer protective booties on our camping trip up the Lost Coast). As I mentioned last week, I just discovered Colorado’s The Lumineers, and life wont be the same. While Slow it Down is decidedly more glum than the band’s upbeat Ho Hey, there is something so pulling in lead singer Wesley Schultz’ despair ridden vocals and tale of trying to move through life when you feel like part of you is missing. As it says at the end, ‘don’t you frown when you’re feelin’ like that / only love can dig you out of this.’ #indie / tory


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