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ho hey ‘tro

26 Aug


Today’s Untz: Ho Hey / The Lumineers (Glenn Dale’s rework)

‘so show me family / all the blood that I would bleed’

It is always fun to come across songs that magically bridge the gap between the worlds of untz and indie, especially when they stretch the limits of what seems musically possible. If you told me I would ever want to listen to Ho Hey in a club or to pump me up during a run, I would laugh. And yet here French producer Glenn Dale has spun the folk classic into something that is ready to be moved to.  It’s not a seamless transformation, but that is part of fun.

Says Glenn: “I always loved the heart-on-the-sleeve music from the Lumineers, and was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t play the Ho Hey song in the clubs. The Ho Hey song has timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. I’ve reworked the song so it can be played in clubs now. Enjoy, & play it loud !! ” Done. #untz


flowers in your hair

17 Aug

Today’s Indie: Flowers in Your Hair / The Lumineers

‘and I hope it’s not too late cause you’re so attractive / in the way you move’

A short and sweet post of a short and sweet song by the lovely Lumineers. The Lumineers are no strangers to TUATI — this marks their forth appearance — but hey when I like something I really, really like it, and musical discovery has been light this week.

I am already pining for a new album by the Denver trio, but instead will have to get by by catching a live set at this fall’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival over in Golden Gate Park. If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. #indie/tory

stubborn love

22 Jun

Today’s Indie: Stubborn Love / The Lumineers (live on KEXP)

it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all / the opposite of love is indifference

Like any new favorite band, The Lumineers have settled into my bones and stirred all the pieces in me that needed stirring. I really love these guys. Stubborn Love is a close second to my favorite track, Ho Hey, on their debut album, and has an age old tale to tell: love is not all rainbows and butterflies… it can be stubborn as hell, but it is so much better to fight through it than forsake it.

I can’t get enough of the Colorado trio’s wholesome, earthy, heartwarming sound and simplicity:

When we were young, Oh Oh, we did enough
When it got cold, Ooh Ooh, we bundled up
I cant be told,  Ah Ah It cant be done

Here’s to embracing the storm, together.  #indie / tory

slow it down

4 Jun

Today’s Indie: Slow it Down / The Lumineers

‘act like you’ve been here before / smile less and dress up some more’

Welp, it is a rainy Monday, and I am in a bit of an emo mood today, so here is an emo track and a happy dog (our dear friend T, rocking some killer protective booties on our camping trip up the Lost Coast). As I mentioned last week, I just discovered Colorado’s The Lumineers, and life wont be the same. While Slow it Down is decidedly more glum than the band’s upbeat Ho Hey, there is something so pulling in lead singer Wesley Schultz’ despair ridden vocals and tale of trying to move through life when you feel like part of you is missing. As it says at the end, ‘don’t you frown when you’re feelin’ like that / only love can dig you out of this.’ #indie / tory

I belong with you

29 May

Today’s Indie: Ho Hey / The Lumineers 

‘and love we need it now / let’s hope for some / ’cause oh we’re bleeding out’

My friend Kristen put this on the speakers during our six hour drive back from the Lost Coast yesterday afternoon, and amidst dozens upon dozens of songs and a hazy head and heavy eyelids from three days of trekking and camping, it still snapped my attention into an instant ‘wait, who are these guys?’ moment within the first taste of the chorus.  The answer is Colorado based trio, The Lumineers, who released their self titled debut early this April. I have been listening to their stuff all day, and they remind of some combination of newer Edward Sharpe meets the folkier side of The Head and the Heart meets Wild Child meets the Avett Brothers. Not a bad ensemble to be compared to.

The Lumineers have self-defined their music as “front porch folk” and I couldn’t put it better… there is something so simple, earnest and accessible in this sound, capable of pulling fiercely on the heartstrings. #indie / tory