blind pilot

12 Jun

Today’s Indie: One Red Thread / Blind Pilot

‘now at best we would make our dreams with something used’

I spent last weekend in the rain soaked hills of Northern Oregon to celebrate a high school friend’s wedding, and lost myself in the trees and fog and found myself back in love with the Pacific Northwest, despite my souvenir of a summer cold. Accordingly, I wanted to bring some Oregon back to the Bay, and am sharing one of my favorite bands from Portland, Blind Pilot, today. This is a group I fell in love with years ago, and while my love hasn’t spilled over in the same way for their newer music, I haven’t ruled them out yet. In the meantime, One Red Thread is off of Blind Pilot’s 2009 album, 3 Rounds and a Sound. The title track, while already shared on TUATI long ago, is also not to be missed.

3 Rounds and a Sound / Blind Pilot

‘now I see you, ’til kingdom come / you’re the one I want / to see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done’

PNW #indie / tory


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