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12 Jun

Today’s Indie: One Red Thread / Blind Pilot

‘now at best we would make our dreams with something used’

I spent last weekend in the rain soaked hills of Northern Oregon to celebrate a high school friend’s wedding, and lost myself in the trees and fog and found myself back in love with the Pacific Northwest, despite my souvenir of a summer cold. Accordingly, I wanted to bring some Oregon back to the Bay, and am sharing one of my favorite bands from Portland, Blind Pilot, today. This is a group I fell in love with years ago, and while my love hasn’t spilled over in the same way for their newer music, I haven’t ruled them out yet. In the meantime, One Red Thread is off of Blind Pilot’s 2009 album, 3 Rounds and a Sound. The title track, while already shared on TUATI long ago, is also not to be missed.

3 Rounds and a Sound / Blind Pilot

‘now I see you, ’til kingdom come / you’re the one I want / to see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done’

PNW #indie / tory


sonic sound

1 Aug

A brief presentation because I am still on vacation in the wonderland that is Oregon.

Today’s Emo: Three Rounds and a Sound / Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot / 3 Rounds and a Sound

‘I was sleeping /  my eyes were dark til you woke me / and told me that opening / is just the start / it was’

A favorite track from some of my favorite Oregonian indie rockers, Blind Pilot. I was reminded of BP by the playing of another one of their tracks in a shitty indie movie we rented at our Portland hotel after the epicness that was brew fest because all the mainstream stuff looked too blah. Should have gone with Jennifer Aniston, but at least I was reminded of this gem… a blurry installation of hope amidst silvery sweet vocals, gentle guitar, and yes, rounds. Not worth forgetting again. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sonic 2 -Chemical Plant Zone / RAC

I was sliding through song after song my Hypem Latest list last week, plugged into work and not paying attention to what was going into my ears when I heard the playful electro start to build in this song, and tuned back in. I was not surprised to find it was the remix mastermind that is RAC that caught my ear, but was surprised to find this whole jingle is not original untz but a SONIC remix. I am Nintendo 4 lyfe, and barely touched Sega and the hedgehog, but this track has me wanting to roll through some golden hoops. #untz