22 Jun

Today’s Untz – Grapevine (VOODOO FARM Remix) / Marvin Gaye

Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, is the people’s freak who’s flown his flag higher than the rest us of who dream of doing so. Held down by the man he is not. His nine to five is trying to alleviate us from ours.

After years of over exposure to smoke machines, laser lights, beats, blunts, and chicks begging for his bodacious library of intergalactic tunes to be put into one solid mixtape, he has finally given in. Thanks the space lords for they are kind.

The song specifically featured here today is a remix of ‘Grapvine,’ the classic Marvin Gaye tune. It’s funky, it’s loose, it’s hard. It’s all you could want and more for a hard hitting remix. It also features live bass and guitar from our homie, Robert E Corrigan giving it that live organic feel while still overwhelmingly cosmic. Space bless us all.

You can find his entire mixtape here which features some original tracks as well as remixes of DVBBS, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Florence and The Machine, and so on. The list is extensive and the tracks beautifully and melodically persuasive. Don’t expect to kick back and sip some lemonade for this is not his goal. Get yer dancing shoes on and loosen up that neck because heads shall be banging. After listening to this mixtape I can safely say I am ready to unsafely devour this weekend. Check it. #untz/tom


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