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2 Jul

Today’s Untz: Headphones (Moon Boots Remix) / Little Boots

Hop on this free remix today before it’s gone. Moon Boots, in typical fashion, takes a fine indie track from Little Boots and transforms it into a carefree dance tune. One that would be perfect for almost any moment whether that be in the club or on the beach.

I’ve been traveling for the last 12 hours so I’m short for words. Even with my brain relatively fried, I’ve got a sudden burst of positive energy thanks to the booootss. #untz/tom



2 Jul

Today’s Indie: Longevity / Yeasayer

‘live in the moment / never count on longevity / please’

It is going to be a weird week. Tuesday becomes a mini-Friday with Wednesday off for the Forth of July and then Thursday becomes an unlikely Monday and Friday at the same time since we are taking the 6th off to head up into the mountains for the High Sierra Fest. It is going to be hard to focus through any of it, especially with the anticipation of a festival at hand, but music always helps.

Today the boys of Yeasayer remind us that life is short with their single, Longevity, off their upcoming album Fragrant World due out this August. With transfixing vocals and a chorus that pulls you right in, it is the perfect way to ease into the week. #indie / tory