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16 Jul

Today’s Untz: Aquarium (Oxford Remix) / Housse de Racket

With the recent Foie Gras ban in San Francisco and yesterday being Bastille Day it seems only right to highlight some French on French action… Oiu Oiu.

I’ve been following Oxford for the last year or so via facebook. Everything is in French so I know nothing about him other than what I can understand through his music. Now that I think about it, music is the universal language. As much as I’d like to know his story, I’m thinking this will allow me a much better understanding as it currently stands.

So with that said, enjoy this synth driven remix of Housse de Racket (some more frenchies). It’s got a smooth, groovy, and lighthearted sound perfectly fit for a Monday… at least in my warped world. #untz / tom

like dreaming of angels

16 Jul

Today’s (bonus) Indie: Angels / The xx

‘and the end comes too soon / like dreaming of angels’

A bonus track today because I finally found the mp3 of this morning’s new The xx song, and I have been melting in it all day.

I was surprised by the band’s choice of first single for September’s upcoming Coexist– Angels is a smoldering slow jam featuring only Romy’s vocals and is devoid of the ‘club inspired’ sound that the band had alluded would have a bigger presence in the album. Regardless of surprise, the song is as easy on the ears as ever: simple, beautiful, a little haunting. #indie / tory

hey love

16 Jul

Today’s Indie: Hey Love / Miner

‘hold up your hands if you hear me / I’m callin’ honey / hold on’

In true San Francisco fashion it is a balmy 57 degree Monday in July. Sigh. Thankfully there is great music to warm us up: LA’s new Americana group, Miner, has the kind of sound that can part the clouds. Hey Love has a wonderful pace to it, starting slow and regret-filled (‘we lost our way / let love astray’) and coursing its way into a singalong hey hey flourish that has you stomping your foot along and rooting for this relationship rut to come to a close… there is such hopefulness in the sound.

The band is a family affair comprised of frontman Justin Miner, his wife, his brother, and their friends, and they self define themselves as ‘indie folkplosion.’ With resemblance to  Edward Sharpe, The Lumineers and The Head and The Heart, they have folkploded into my heart. Their Hey Love EP will debut this August – more please. And happy Monday. #indie / tory

tough love

13 Jul

Today’s Untz & Indie: Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix) / Sailor & I

So I have a full plate of music this weekend with Com Truise and crew and The String Cheese Incident. I am short on time today, but we at least wanted to get out our thrice weekly dose of music over here at TheUntzAndTheIndie corporate office (that’s a joke).

So Sailor & I eh? Stockholm band Sailor & I have carved a niche for themselves with their thematic indie music. ‘Tough Love’ is an extremely catchy and emotional tune. It also gets the full on treatment from Aril Brikha.

He’s an Iranian who emigrated to Sweden at a young age. In his early teens he developed an interest in electronic music – artists such as Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre. Brikha obtained an Atari and started to use a sequencer and, after initially emulating the music of others, he began composing. Friends who heard his material told him it was ‘Detroit techno’. Brikha had no idea what that was… gotta love it. #untz & indie/tom

how long

12 Jul

Today’s Untz: How Long (Tensnake Rework) / Sugardaddy

Whenever Tensnake releases something I am already assuming I’m going to like it. You’d think that would be a good thing, but I definitely like going into a show or listening to a song with little to no expectations.

The thing with Tensnake though is even with my natural high expectations most everything always comes out amazing. This rework is just that. It’s a perfect little groover with some space… just the way I like it. My friend and electronic cohort likens electronic music to coming home with a chick. He doesn’t want to just walk in the place and go to town. He wants some space to feel things out. Maybe a nice glass a wine and some good conversation and then the good stuff. It’s the same with electronic music in my humble opinion.

If you want a cheap bang Tensnake is not your man. This guy knows how to work a crowd or a girl. Wait what am I talking about again? #untz /tom


trails and ways

12 Jul

Today’s Indie: Miracle / Trails and Ways (Ghost Beach cover)

‘it’s a miracle / I’m in love again’

While knee deep in one of the most annoying Powerpoint projects of all time, we have had one of those day dreamy mornings of packing it all up and heading west to Hawaii to build a sustainable treehouse bed and breakfast and live our life amidst the surf and sun. Yeah, one of those mornings. What better soundtrack for it all than Trails and Way’s new cover of Ghost Beach’s Miracle? The Oakland quartet bursted into the summer scene with their beautiful song Nunca, and now this tropically infused cover can carry me right through Labor Day. The band calls their take a “dreamy, sun-bleached bossanova jam.” Yep, sounds perfect.

‘I never wanted to work for pieces of paper / but I guess that’s all I get’

As a bonus track, here is Nunca. #indie / tory

Nunca / Trails and Ways

look at where we are

10 Jul

Today’s Indie: Look At Where We Are / Hot Chip

‘look at where we are / remember where we started out’

When this track comes on the car stereo my knee instinctively braces itself for a hand to be rested on it; it is the perfect simple reminder  to take in the person next to you, appreciate what has happened to get you there together, and to look forward to whatever lies ahead. The song is Hot Chip’s new album’s signature smoldering slow jam a la One Life Stand’s I Feel Better. Love.  #indie / tory


10 Jul

Today’s Untz: Made Up / Anoraak

Anoraak has been a favorite of mine for sometime now when it comes to “that sound.” I don’t want to pigeon hole him into chillwave so screw the genre’s in this particular case (or always) since it’s a smorgasbord of stylings anyways. From italo disco, to Motown-schooled funk, and sepia-toned pop music, Anoraak has a unique sound that fits right in line with that SoCal mentality despite the fact that he’s from France.

The track above, ‘Made Up’, is an unreleased track made available via youtube for Anoraak’s upcoming US tour. I will be sure to check it out August 4th here in San Francisco. Anoraak was so kind to have also release a remix from Les Loups. It’s a bit glitchier than the original but it mostly stays true. #untz/tom

Bonus Video: Dolphins & Highways / Anoraak

fifteen in the sierras

5 Jul

Today’s Untz: Fifteen (Rotkraft Remix) / Goldroom

Goldroom’s ‘Fifteen’ has been out for sometime, but after hearing this version/seeing this video I wanted to feature it. I mean it’s summer and there’s love in the air. Breathe it in and enjoy your short time on this earth.

I’m headed to High Sierra Music Festival this weekend up in Quincy, CA so hopefully I’ll have some fun updates from there when I get back. I listen to all types of music from bluegrass to intergalactic unicorn disco, but as far as electronic related music, I’m pumped for STS9, Lotus, and Papadosio. I’ve seen everyone, but Papadosio. Have a safe weekend TUATI readers! #untz/tom

first aid kit

5 Jul

Today’s Indie: Emmylou / First Aid Kit

‘no, I’m not asking much of you / just sing little darling, sing with me’

My co-contributor and other half has jokingly said we need to change our blog name to the Untz and the Folk instead of The Untz and the Indie given my recent banjo loving stringing spree, and while I laughed I can’t help but shake that this isn’t just a phase… I am totally digging the genre right now, serving as the perfect music to soak my summer in with.

Today’s treat is from Swedish sirens/sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg, who collectively make up First Aid Kit. The duo released their sophomore album, The Lion’s Roar, this past January, and by the sound of it you would think they were coming to us by way of Tennessee instead of Stockholm. The track traces the great romantic duos in country music history, and while sibling intuition rings true in their beauitful harmonies, Emmylou has the the songbirds pleading for their own romantic counterparts to sing through life with. A delightful piece to leave you with as we head into the mountains for the next few days for High Sierra… we will be back next week! #indie / tory