The Wave

3 Aug

Today’s Untz: The Wave (Flight Facilities Mix) / Miike Snow

This song was already featured on my other blog TheTrashJuice last Friday, but it’s too good not to highlight again. If you’re ever looking for some darker elements of electronic music or perhaps the more eclectic side certainly check out that site.

With the mix of indie and untz on here I certainly narrow my focus a little bit which is great because I like sharing the type of music I do on here. This track certainly follows that path.

There’s no need to introduce either Miike Snow or The Flight Facilities. Both of them are well known and rightfully so. This track here is just a great example of two giants joining forces to create an uplifting track that is great on any occasion especially the weekend. Enjoy! #untz/tom


2 Responses to “The Wave”

  1. karina August 6, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    This song rocks!!!

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