since i don’t have you

6 Aug

Today’s Untz: Since I Don’t Have You / Jonas Rathman

Have no fear! At least one of will get a track up. As it was eloquently put earlier, it’s all about quality not quantity. TUATI’s new mission statement perhaps?

But I digress… on to the sweet Swede who brings us today’s track. He’s operatred under a different name in the past, but decided to expose himself to the industry by abandoning all pseudonyms and releasing his work under his own name.

You might think after looking at the track name that this would be about a significant other. Well technically it could be for a producer, but it’s actually a track encapsulating the love story between Jonas and his lost microKORG. He spent the summer with other synthesizers creating these healing melodies, but really he just misses his KORG. #untz/tom




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