knew you well

14 Aug

Today’s Untz: Knew You Well (Eight Bit Tiger Remix) / Cultfever

Eight Bit Tiger is an electronic dance duo from Chicago composed of the Widman brothers, Erik and Kent. The experiment began 15 years ago when the brothers started playing music together in a bedroom in northern Sweden and has mutated into a radioactive sonic isotope. Eight Bit Tiger is a new side project from their indie rock band Love in October.

“We have been gravitating to making dance music the past year and we wanted to get a fresh start with a new sound, so it made sense to us to start a new project”

Most of their music I’ve listened to is heavily influenced by 80’s style synths with a touch of some 70’s funk. I’ve liked most of what I’ve heard. This new remix certainly has a reggae vibe to it that I’m loving. It adds a harder yet summery feel to the original which is great too. Tory wrote about the original back in October before I started contributing although you can see my influence starting to creep in. #untz/tom

Let’s pretend that we are on a space ship
And I was given just one lowly envelope.
And we intuit what this guide will make us
As a rule we know we’re never going home.


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