15 Aug

Today’s Untz: Catch/ The Egg

The Egg are a band well known to festival audiences, having played many UK festivals including Glastonbury and The Big Chill as well as Rustlers Valley (South Africa) and also in Holland, Switzerland (Montreux Jazz), France, Turkey and Ibiza. They also did a stint here in the US back in 2008 when I was lucky enough to catch them 3 times. Once in Baltimore, once in Chicago, and once at Camp Bisco in upstate New York.

Recently the band’s third album ‘Forwards’ has seen a more reflective slower sound, but also in places heavier and rockier than anything before. Also more of a psychedelic warmth holding different eclectic influences together. However, live, the band have kept their full on dance and festival style fully intact, with a full interactive film and video synchronised show. This is a track I’ve seen live that will be on their upcoming album ‘Something To Do.’ I can’t wait! Here’s to hoping a US tour follows! #untz/tom

Bonus Video Live At Camp Bisco:


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