animal kingdom

15 Aug

Today’s Indie: White Sparks / Animal Kingdom

‘with these white sparks when we’re together and its all so clear’

Oh indie love songs, you had me at the stars. With a subtle yet driving beat, smooth vocals, and a simple ‘I see lights in your eyes’ kind of chorus, Animal Kingdom’s White Sparks has me smitten from ear to ear. I came across the North London trio in The Rickshaw Stop’s weekly concert update email, where I saw the tagline ‘”Achingly beautiful celestial indie…will have Sigur Ros quivering with envy.” — NME.’ Doesn’t take much more to catch my eye or ear, and I spent the rest of Tuesday morning deeply embedded in said beautiful celestial indie from the band’s new album, The Looking Away. Check out their show with Atlas Genius on August 23rd.

PS – if you want to read the heartwarming story of today’s animal kingdom photo friends, look no further than here. You’re welcome. And a bonus track, because it was too hard to just pick one. #indie/tory

Strange Attractor / Animal Kingdom

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