astronauts, etc.

12 Sep

Today’s Indie: You Can Yell / Astronauts, etc.

Mystery Colors / Astronauts, etc.

Wow. Here is some lush, dripping sound with layered synth, painted to the point where if you let yourself go on a bit of mind trip you might actually see the music sprawled out in front of you. The giver of these celestial tracks is Astronauts, etc., the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, who is a classically trained pianist from just across the puddle from us over in Berkeley.

With a haunting falsetto like Justin Vernon and rolling synth a la Youth Lagoon, the gentle roller coasters of  sound he has created have settled into my bones, and have my missing my outer space loving counterpart – who is STILL in Croatia. Until his return, I will just have to turn this up and get lost in space on my own. #indie/tory


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