frivolous life

13 Sep

You may be asking yourself, where has all the untz gone? Is TUATI dropping its signature U? Have no fear, the one and only Tom returns from Croatia on Sunday to get your thrice weekly dance fixes back in place. In the meantime, this week’s last indie, with a little kick to it.

Today’s Indie: Frivolous Life / YesYou ft. Marcus Azon

‘let me stand on your shoulders / so that I can see the giants back home’

I am sucker for songs with soaring’ooooo-woooo’s’ intertwined in their choruses, so to  say this song is likable would be a gross understatement… it makes you feel great all over, even if the lyrics aren’t the happiest lot. Frivolous Life is from Brisbane duo Jono Kirham and Gav Parry, who have borrowed the vocals of Jinja Safari’s Marcus Azon for the tune. It has a great pace to it, reminding me of the likes of Bag Raiders or Foster the People. The duo debuted late last year with single Half of It, also worth a listen. Enjoy.

Half of It / YesYou



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