hold on

17 Sep

Today’s Untz: Hold on Feat. Sampha (Burnksi Desert Edit) / SBTRKT

Ahhh TUATI has been without some untz for about two weeks now so I’m happy to not only be back, but back with a hot tune. ‘Hold On’ was a standout on SBTRK’s album released earlier this year, but it’s been given some pep by Berlin based producer, Burnski.

‘In a day and age where the definition of ‘house’ is constantly being re-conceptualised, a new breed of young-blood producers step forward bringing with them a deep and groove-laden sound building on classic timbers. At the forefront we find Burnski. Deftly abridging vintage Detroit and Chicago, always infused with the unmistakeable Burnski charm, he is moving dancefloors all over the world.’

I’m glad to be back sharing music after a joyous time abroad. Enjoy this massive edit. #untz/tom



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