fall cleaning

21 Sep

I spent the better part of yesterday deep cleaning my music collection, rustling through hundreds of un-played tracks in my iTunes to find those worthy of migration over to a new computer. There was a lot to get through, including ample Britney, Matchbox 20, Coldplay, and a surprising amount of country music collecting dust from my high school days back in Oregon. But nestled amidst the cobwebs surrounding Dashboard Confessional and  Tim McGraw were some amazing indie songs I had nearly forgotten about. This inspired today’s Spring Fall Cleaning Collection of old gems from an earlier life. They may not be new, but they may be new to you! Happy friday. #indie/tory

Homeboy / Adorable

‘and I want to hold you up for all to see / I want to cut you up I want to watch you bleed’

Song Beneath the Song / Maria Taylor

‘and it’s not a love, not a love, not a love song’

The Way our Chemicals Collide / Cloud Cult

‘oh god its beautiful, insatiable / the way our chemicals collide’

Day Job / Jeremy Messersmith

‘she’s in love with broken glass mountains / and fire place cafes’


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