father john misty

24 Sep

Today’s Indie: Nancy From Now On

‘oh pour me another drink / and punch me in the face’

Mondays can require a specific kind of soundtrack, something easy on the ears but distracting to the mind, offering a moment away from the weight of the pending week. Today’s relief has been granted by Josh Tillman’s new side project, Father John Misty, an act my dear friend Caroline has been raving about since she saw him at Outside Lands this year. No stranger to a solo career, J Tillman has released numerous albums under his own name, then did a four year stint as drummer for a little band you may have heard of called Fleet Foxes, before leaving to release last spring’s album, Fear Fun, via Sub Pop. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, so here are two Monday gems.

O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me / Father John Misty

‘everyone’s riding on the rolling tide / their hearts are heavy and the sea is wide’



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