24 Sep

Today’s Untz: Nightmares (Monitor 66 Remix) / Emeron & Fox

I highlighted Monitor 66’s Keith Sweat induced track some time ago here on TUATI. It was definitely a music highlight for me. I’d still put it in my top 50 of 2012. It certainly blew up with some attention from The Magician. It actually was just officially released a few weeks ago so if you haven’t heard it yet go check it out.

I just happened to come across a new remix of theirs today. It is absolutely stellar. It’s the kinda track that reminds me of those feel good moments driving down the road with the windows down. There’s not a care in the world when you have epically smooth bass lines, perfect accompanying synths, and beautiful vocals guiding you along.

The original itself if quite enjoyable, but Monitor 66 extends it out, turning it into an ethereal anthem. #untx/tom


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