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astronauts, etc.

12 Sep

Today’s Indie: You Can Yell / Astronauts, etc.

Mystery Colors / Astronauts, etc.

Wow. Here is some lush, dripping sound with layered synth, painted to the point where if you let yourself go on a bit of mind trip you might actually see the music sprawled out in front of you. The giver of these celestial tracks is Astronauts, etc., the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, who is a classically trained pianist from just across the puddle from us over in Berkeley.

With a haunting falsetto like Justin Vernon and rolling synth a la Youth Lagoon, the gentle roller coasters of  sound he has created have settled into my bones, and have my missing my outer space loving counterpart – who is STILL in Croatia. Until his return, I will just have to turn this up and get lost in space on my own. #indie/tory


sure thing

10 Sep

Today’s Indie: Sure Thing / Trails and Ways

‘even when the sky is fallin’ / even when the sun don’t shine / I got faith in you and I / so put your pretty hand in mine’

Oakland trio Trails and Ways has grabbed my attention yet again this summer, this time with a cover of Miguel’s Sure Thing. Their sexy duet feels like a classic 90’s lower the lights slow jam met with an indie twist, and laced with clever lyrical divergence (listen carefully).

Sure Thing has me hitting repeat just like with their cover of Miracle and original track, Nunca, and I can’t wait to catch these locals live. Happy Monday.  #indie/tory

say it again

5 Sep

Today’s Indie: Say It Again / Mariah McManus

‘so it seems / I’m fighting harder for you than I ever did for anything’

Young love! Like ZOMG. Today’s track comes from a product of the 90’s, and it shows in her syrupy lyrics (‘do you remember when you told me you loved me / I  told you to say it again‘), but what separates Mariah from becoming another Taylor Swift is a voice well beyond her nineteen years. Sweet yet raspy, soaring and aching, it caught my ear while watching a trashy television show on The CW last night, enough so to inspire me to do some Googling to find this track.

I see loads of promise in this Utah born songstress the same way I did when I first heard a Birdy song or Sky Ferriera’s cover of Animal… hoping to come across more of this young lady soon. xoxo #indie / tory

point of you

4 Sep

Today’s Indie: Point of You / Elephant Revival

It is the Tuesday after Labor day and I am mourning the end of a wonderful long weekend, shaking the Florida sun off my skin and settling back into cubicle life here on the other side of the country and wondering why Thanksgiving is so far away. I have also returned home to my other half and TUATI co-conspirator being far away… he is camped out in Europe for the next couple weeks for the aforementioned Dimensions Festival in Croatia. Jealous much?

Luckily I have found solace in the office dogs and loops of Elephant Revival all day. I discovered the Colorado quintet earlier this summer, and then saw them deliver not one but two knee buckling performances at the High Sierra Festival in July. There is a subtle, urgent honesty in their music, and a stop the world feel in their shows; for a moment nothing else matters. Their last album release was Break in the Clouds out in 2010, so here’s hoping for some new tunes soon. In the meantime, enjoy. #indie/tory