16 Dec


Today’s Untz: Reptile (Goldroom Remix) / Citizens!

We’re finally back from our Southeast Asian trip. It’s nice to be back, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still wish I was out there. The highlights were numerous. Musically there were times where’d you catch a good dj, a decent Thai cover band, or some terrible American Pop; however, the main musical highlight was discovering a band by actually meeting them in Railay Beach (above)… Citizens!

After a day of rock climbing we set out for a few drinks with our new rock climbing friend, Pauly. She had met the band the previous night. As we walked to find a cold Singha (and a Chiang for me), she happend to spot them. They were all extremely nice and very humble. They were on a huge tour so I had a feeling they had something good going. Hey what better way to be introduced to a band then to meet the chaps. It turns out I’m actually familiar with a lot of their songs via some remixes.

I remember asking them what type of music they played to which they replied pop. “Pop” is a dirty word for me but as they mentioned they are trying to change that which I can respect. I said something similar about Disclosure when discussing their sound.

In addition to having the pleasure to meet these guys are their week off, I also happened to leave my camera on their dinner table as I left. I woke up the next morning panicking as I would have lost thousands of memorable pictures. Between the band and our new friend, I somehow managed to track it down. I’d both musically and personally, it turned out to be quite an experience. Cheers from the US! #untz/tom

Bonus Tracks:

This is the one track of theirs I knew right away when I went to check out their music. This of course is a remix.

Citizens! – True Romance (Gildas Remix)

And here’s a Goldroom match up. Unrelated, but I’ve been gone so lets get some music up in here. 

Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix) vs. Goldroom – Fifteen


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