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cherish any time

26 Dec


Today’s Untz: Cherish Any Time  (Monitor 66 Remix) / Lessovsky

A blog I enjoy, but haven’t visited in quite some time referred to Monitor 66’s sound as “blissco.” I love it and although that term, in my personal musical life, is coined for a type of jamming affiliated with The Disco Biscuits I think it fits here too. Blissed out disco… or blissed out Disco Biscuits. At any rate, I digress.

Monitor 66 has been on a roll in 2012 so I’m excited to see where the new year takes them. Enjoy this wonderful remix! #untz/tom


back in the days

17 Nov


Today’s Untz: Back In The Days (Monitor 66 Remix) / Rythm Operator 

I have a quick minute for some music listening and blog posting since we’re chilling after a busy afternoon in Hanoi. The other half is a bit sick which is unfortunate. I suppose the only good thing is being able to take a minute to stop and breath and of course do this especially since I ran out of books to read.

This track is a song I noticed when I saw a quick two minute preview a couple of weeks ago. It’s still a preview, but a bit longer. Monitor 66 has been on my radar for the past several months and I will surely follow their every move from here on out. Everything they have put out whether it be an original production or a remix is on point. See above!

Out November 19th exclusively on Beatport. December 3rd all stores. #untz/tom


24 Sep

Today’s Untz: Nightmares (Monitor 66 Remix) / Emeron & Fox

I highlighted Monitor 66’s Keith Sweat induced track some time ago here on TUATI. It was definitely a music highlight for me. I’d still put it in my top 50 of 2012. It certainly blew up with some attention from The Magician. It actually was just officially released a few weeks ago so if you haven’t heard it yet go check it out.

I just happened to come across a new remix of theirs today. It is absolutely stellar. It’s the kinda track that reminds me of those feel good moments driving down the road with the windows down. There’s not a care in the world when you have epically smooth bass lines, perfect accompanying synths, and beautiful vocals guiding you along.

The original itself if quite enjoyable, but Monitor 66 extends it out, turning it into an ethereal anthem. #untx/tom

twisted into you

28 Mar

Today’s Indie: I’m Into You / Chet Faker

‘our bodies make it perfect / and your eyes can make me swim’

Dim the lights, turn up the sound and let the lure of this song pull you right into the bedroom. Australian musician Chet Faker broke into the  scene covering Blackstreet’s classic anthem, No Diggity, but his original debut shows an eclectic mix of soul, rock and electronics that meld together to send shivers down the spin. I’m Into You is off Faker’s new EP, Thinking in Textures, out last Monday. To say the least, I’m into it.  #indie / tory

Today’s Untz: Triscuits / Monitor 66

‘girl you got me twisted’

Monitor 66, who hail “by the shore” in Sweden, say they make music with funky bass lines inspired by sunsets. Sounds pretty perfect to me.  Music often makes me picture myself in some nature like paradise which is why I always like to post something visual with the tracks I feature.

This song, ‘Triscuits,’ has some well placed samples from the old school tune ‘Twisted’ by Keith Sweat, bringing the 90′s back with that smooth tropical disco sound. They had enabled a free DL, but now it looks like it will be released on House of Disco Records. Enjoy this one. #untz / tom