back in the days

17 Nov


Today’s Untz: Back In The Days (Monitor 66 Remix) / Rythm Operator 

I have a quick minute for some music listening and blog posting since we’re chilling after a busy afternoon in Hanoi. The other half is a bit sick which is unfortunate. I suppose the only good thing is being able to take a minute to stop and breath and of course do this especially since I ran out of books to read.

This track is a song I noticed when I saw a quick two minute preview a couple of weeks ago. It’s still a preview, but a bit longer. Monitor 66 has been on my radar for the past several months and I will surely follow their every move from here on out. Everything they have put out whether it be an original production or a remix is on point. See above!

Out November 19th exclusively on Beatport. December 3rd all stores. #untz/tom


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