clair de lune

9 Jan


Today’s Indie: Clair De Lune / Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg 

‘don’t go / tell me that the lights won’t change / tell me that it will stay the same’

A stretching of strings leads into Clair De Lune, met with distant echoed vocals slowly making their way closer, pulling you further into the track until you get lost.  Flight Facilities’ Clair De Lune was one of the standout tracks that came out while we were in Asia in November, and I am finally catching up with a belated but loving post.

The track is more mellow and bedroom bound than the Australians’ usual antics, and I am loving this revelation of their softer side, especially with the silvery vocals etched throughout. The collaboration proves again that the duo is really good at partnering with killer songstresses – Christine Hoberg sounds right up there with Crave You’s Gisselle. #indie/tory


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