white leather

4 Feb


Today’s Indie: White Leather / Wolf Alice

‘and I see big things for you / on my own, at least for a while / and I will wait’

White Leather is a new song from a new band hailing from Northern London called Wolf Alice that I am buckling in the knees over. It is a smooth and simple sliver of a song, with a catchy pull to it met with lead singer Ellie Roswell’s beautiful vocals. Her sound has that “easy listening while knocking the wind of you” quality of the likes of Daughter or Cat Power.

This song is about being overlooked by someone when they are the only person you see. I can imagine it being played at the end of an episode of My So Called Life– it is way too cool to be associated with the Gossip Girl sitcoms of our time, but perfectly captures that anxious sting of unrequited young love. #indie/tory


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