mystery candles

21 Dec

‘Tis the season to be jolly, frost sugar cookies, hug the family, realize that two glasses of eggnog is immediately one too many and switch back to red wine, sit around the fire playing cards, and unplug a bit. And then dance one’s face off to ring in the new year. Happy holidays to all.

Today’s Emo: Candles / Daughter 

‘just a young heart confusing my mind / but we’re both in silence / wide-eyed ‘

Sorry for such a wistful melody amidst all of this holiday cheer, but look no further than today’s untz to warm you right up, and let this beautiful track settle into your winter bones. I came across Daughter via Daytrotter, and was instantly bewitched by singer Elena Tonra’s whispy sliver of a voice and her tale of letting yourself take whatever you can get from someone you know you can never really have, even though you are old enough to know better. Elena’s voice reminds me of some of my favorite female vocalists, and Candles strikes me like Kate Nash’s Nicest Thing or Cat Power’s take on I Found a Reason. And don’t worry, whatever tragedy that caused such a beautiful mess has lifted –Elena is dating her guitarist. #emo

Today’s Untz: When I’m With You / Mystery Skulls 

’cause when I’m with you / I never get enough’

Found this gem via blahblahblahscience, and they put it so simply and so well: ‘Mr. Skulls’ top shelf synth pop jam “When I’m With You” just became your new favorite song.’ It doesn’t hurt that the sound perfectly matches how I feel. Repeat repeat repeat. #untz


3 Responses to “mystery candles”


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    […] stateside May 21st via French Kiss. Her quiet, spine tingling vocals in the track remind me of Daughter’s acoustic darling Elena Tonra, but the echoed twists and turns of celestial synths embedded […]

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    […] continue to be transfixed by this British English folk trio since I came across the wonderful song Candles a couple Christmases […]

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