ho hey ‘tro

26 Aug


Today’s Untz: Ho Hey / The Lumineers (Glenn Dale’s rework)

‘so show me family / all the blood that I would bleed’

It is always fun to come across songs that magically bridge the gap between the worlds of untz and indie, especially when they stretch the limits of what seems musically possible. If you told me I would ever want to listen to Ho Hey in a club or to pump me up during a run, I would laugh. And yet here French producer Glenn Dale has spun the folk classic into something that is ready to be moved to.  It’s not a seamless transformation, but that is part of fun.

Says Glenn: “I always loved the heart-on-the-sleeve music from the Lumineers, and was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t play the Ho Hey song in the clubs. The Ho Hey song has timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. I’ve reworked the song so it can be played in clubs now. Enjoy, & play it loud !! ” Done. #untz


One Response to “ho hey ‘tro”

  1. Joe September 12, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Nice find. Truly a nice bridge between untz and indie!

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