10 Nov


Today’s Indie: Hide / Little May

you feed me words when you had her between your sheets / bet she likes that’

I have noticed that folk debuts can tend to be people pleasers, lurring me in with their promises of comforting front porches and cheery foot stomping melodies that pull the heartstrings in and keep them firmly entrapped with the snap of deliciously sweet bubblegum, so it is fun to see this Aussie trio debut with something a little more dark, sinister and ambitious right out of the gate. It is also fun to see a female folk trio hitting that gate from Sydney, well beyond the recently well trodden US and European boarders.

Little May has the earnest rumblings of Black Prairie met with the beautiful young girl power who can harmonize appeal of First Aid Kit (see above photo) and I am excited to see what they have in store for us with their early 2014 EP. Until then, repeat. I like that. #inde

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