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11 Jun


Today’s Untz: Reaction / Air Zaïre

With the other half (indie/tory) having started a new job, the untz might be taking over. For what it’s worth I don’t even know what “untz” is. I like the lighter side of things over here on this blog whereas I tend to get a bit deeper over at The Trash Juice.

In keeping with that general direction, today we have the  beach’d out track, ‘Reaction’. I’m not sure how new to the scene Air Zaïre is, but welcome to the Moon Boots, Viceroy n’ crew party! #untz/tom


7 Jun



Today’s Untz: Flossy / Pherotone

Here’s a choice song for your summer playlist filled with Fergie samples. Pherotone is Eren Akkan, originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

Embracing all kinds of vibes, but if narrowed down to a few words, ‘soulful vocals, wide synths, claps, clicks, sea breeze, funk, disco, chords, loops, colors, scents and melodies that stimulate senses’. #untz/tom

keep on movin

5 Jun



Today’s Untz: Keep On Moving / AIMES

From AIMES:  “I made this track after my visit to Mazatlan this spring. I was inspired by the laid back vibe, the hospitality of my friends and the locals, and the tropical flavors. When I got back to New York spring was finally springing and I wanted to make a song that reflected the energy of the city and and my anticipation for summer.

If you dig it don’t forget to like, comment, and share!”

Make sure you go the grab the free download, turn it up, and reel in the good vibez

La La La

30 May



Today’s Untz: La La La (Pále Remix) / Naughty Boy

Here’s a blissful remix from London/Manchester’s Leo Marcus aka Pale. This is the kinda track that will have you floatin in the stars before you even know what’s happened. This is a track that will get plenty of person airplay, from long beautiful drives to a chill late night. What a discovery! #untz/tom


28 May



Today’s Untz: Pony (Viceroy  “Jet Life” Remix) / Ginuwine

Here is Viceroy’s official remix of “Pony” by Ginuwine. This is his 6th installment of his “Jet LIfe” remix series. It of course has the classic good weather feel.

I’m loving the instant reggae-ish beat accompanied by that island loving percussion. It’s tough to tell if that was recorded from live instruments, but regardless it sounds great and gives it an organic feel. Viceroy always seems to pick that perfect 90’s track to remix and this one is no different. Enjoy. #untz/tom

crickets, jewels & sapphires

20 May



Today’s Untz: Crickets (Viceroy Remix) / Drop City Yacht Club

Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix) / Owl Eyes

What a wonderful day here in the city of San Francisco. It’s sunny and warm outside and we’ve been space blessed with releases from both Viceroy and Goldroom. And since they recently played here in the city together I figured I’d highlight both tracks.

Both are ripe for good weather and good times. Whether that’s on a sunny beach,  in a sunny park, or a decked out school bus chillin on the side of a San Francisco street. Enjoy! #tom


right here

16 May



Today’s Untz: Right There / Deepjack & room4space (NYDY Sunrise Edit)

“Turkish producer and DJ Emre Senol, who is known to electronic music fans as room4space, begun experimenting with electronic music a few years back and started producing his own sunset inspired music with tropical nu disco vibes, sweet vocals and funky basslines not long ago.
Playing in various well known clubs and festivals such as Cream, Faces Club, Factory, Red Room, Voxx and Secer Club, has helped him gaining a good reputation in the music business.
Along with Mehmet Kurudere, who uses Deepjack for his deeper productions and has released various bouncy and melodic tracks in recent years, the duo decided to give us their latest edit exclusively for you.” -NDYD