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miles and waterfalls

26 Sep

After celebrating my 100th post, I promptly missed my regularly scheduled 101st due to being out entirely too late at Thursday’s Bon Iver concert. Fitting.

Today’s Emo: Holocene / Bon Iver

‘and I could see for miles, miles, miles’

Bon Iver at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley: one of the top five concerts I have yet to experience. It was a sunny day and a warm night, and we left work early  to get a prime spot perched on the first layers of concrete rows, with a blanket and a couple of glasses of wine in plastic cups and hot dogs. Classy. Other Lives gave a lively opening with their click clack beats and harmonies and then Justin Vernon and his crew took the stage a little after sunset.

The show was in a word beautiful. There was a perfect mixture of slow the world down acoustics off of For Emma and epic, lingering jam sessions off the new album. Justin’s voice sounded straight out of the studio, even better against the night. I know this is beyond emo, but I literally felt like like the sound laced air felt different when I breathed it in, something extra in there.

Like the best concerts, I left with ringing ears and a dazed grin, mumbled lyrics under my breath, and clarity. Today’s track is my favorite off of the new album, and was absolutely stunning live. #emo

Today’s Untz: Every Teardrop is Waterfall / Coldplay (Avicii remix)

‘I turn the music up, I got my records on / I shut the world outside until the lights come on’

Avicii does a little number on Coldplay’s new single, and like most things he touches, I can’t help but like it.  I remember when Laidback Luke sampled Viva La Vida at Coachella this year and how he was met with murmors of boos amongst an otherwise extremely warm crowd, but it sounds like the untz community has welcomed Waterfall with more open arms as Avicii has been opening his sets with it. #untz