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call calgary

17 May

A brief disruption from my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday untz and emo delivery schedule due to far too much fun this weekend and a sleepy, slightly uninspired Monday. Thank you to the few loyal listeners who reached out to make sure I was still alive after my failure to post. To make up for my tardiness I present two magical tracks. Enjoy.

Today’s Emo: Calgary / Bon Iver

‘who goes in and then stays inside / oh the demons come, they can subside’

The Bon is back, delivering Calgary off his upcoming self titled LP as the perfect umbrella for these folds of San Francisco rain and gusty bay winds. I listened for the first time this morning with bated breath and the highest of expectations, bracing myself for potential disappointment. Expectations were all exceeded.

The gentle rolling drums, that haunting voice, the sigh inducing lyrics, the layers of folky goodness laced in at the end… this is everything I expect from the man who locked himself into the isolation of a Wisconsin cabin in the woods for three months to emerge with For Emma, Forever Ago far too long ago. I cannot wait for the rest of his new album, but until then will be curling up into this on repeat. #emo

Today’s Untz: Call Your Girlfriend / Robyn (Feed Me remix)

‘don’t you tell her how I give you something that you never even knew you missed / don’t you even try and explain how it’s so different when we kiss’

OK, so it is never a great idea to promote being “that girl,” wrecking a home and the instigation of someone elses heartbreak. Accordingly, Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend is pretty mean, and definitely infringes on girl code. To her defense, the girl has been screwed over enough times in her other songs, whether she is dancing in the corner on her own watching you kiss someone else, missing her ex with every heartbeat, or never having him at all… so I suppose she can be a bit nasty and fight for what she really wants, just this once. Especially when Feed Me tosses in serious untz and makes her home-wrecking sound so wicked fun. Just watch your back.  #untz