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midnight colours

10 Feb

The greatest lyricist of our time may not be Adele or Justin Vernon, but rather  a crazy and sometimes slightly angry and confused horse living on a farm in rural America. I have been obsessively following @weirdhorse on Twitter for the past couple of months, and his work is just getting better and better with time. Highlights include:

‘We found mud in a horse’s face, we found mud in a horse’s face’

‘I see you trotting round town with the pig I love and I’m like, forget hooves’

‘Nothing compares, nothing compares 2 hooves’

‘Want you to make me feel like I’m the only horse on the farm, like I’m the only one to eat from your palm’

…and Weird Horse’s most moving to date, ‘I’ve got the hooves like Jagger.’ Happy (weird) Friday.

Today’s Indie: All the Colours / Angus & Julia Stone

‘and I can’t see clearly right now / I’m wasted / I’m so wasted on you’

It is the weekend before Valentines Day, so grab someone close and curl up to the sweet Australian crooning of Angus Stone. It is hard to believe/scary to think siblings could produce such a sexy song, but I am willing to let it slide and get lost in All the Colours’ steady guitar rifts, dizziness induing lyrics, and sway inducing sound… the whole thing warms you right up like a second glass of wine.

Love stoned, love wasted, I want it all. #indie

Today’s Untz: Midnight City / The Knocks ft. Mandy Lee (M83 cover)

‘the city is my church / it wraps me in the sparkling twilight’

Hopping on the bandwagon for this cover, because it leaves me totally floored after every listen. I couldn’t get sick of the original version of Midnight City if I tried, but it is great to hear it tossed around by The Knocks and with some fresh female vocals. Further evidence that everything that The Knocks touch turns to gold, and the perfect kind of sound to ride your way into the weekend. Music is my church. #untz


last midnight

3 Aug

Capped off my Oregon trip with three days in the house I grew up in, hiking in the woods, drinking micro brews, and saying what might be a final goodbye to my loyal yellow lab of twelves years, Callie. I also spent a lot of time 11-hour-a-night hibernating in my old bedroom, which is oozing with the emo of a younger self.  Dried prom corsages, a signed Matt Nathanson stub, a battered ticket from a 2001 Dashboard Confessional show at the Salem Armory, and most noticeably, sharpied lyrics etched onto the wall, from Third Eye Blind’s Background to Ben Harper’s “not talking ’bout a year, no not three or four” to an abrupt ending halfway down the wall at “Enrique Ig” because I never did look up how to finish spelling the Hero singer’s name before I lost the sharpie.

Eight years later, and it is all still there, right next to my shining disco ball. I, however, am back at the grind in SF.

Today’s Emo: Last Night / The Morning Benders (Strokes cover)

‘see, people they don’t understand / no, girlfriends, they can’t understand’

The Morning Benders put a refreshing spin on a classic, injecting coy vocals, smooth guitar and playful synth into their take of Strokes’ Last Night. The Berkeley turned Brooklyn indie quartet pay tribute to that angsty rush of a ‘no one understands me – I am better off alone’ feeling, where you are suddenly ready to kthxbai yourself out of something. They make it sound good. #emo

Today’s Untz: Midnight City / M83 (Christian Strobe remix)

French electro-dream poppers M83 named themselves after a spiral galaxy, Messiar 83, a perfect name for such celestial sounds. Waves of electro, ambiguous noises melded together, soft indiscernible vocals over rolling beats… shoegazing ‘tro at its best. Wish I could gaze my way through Wednesday instead of facing catch up crunch time. #untz