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last midnight

3 Aug

Capped off my Oregon trip with three days in the house I grew up in, hiking in the woods, drinking micro brews, and saying what might be a final goodbye to my loyal yellow lab of twelves years, Callie. I also spent a lot of time 11-hour-a-night hibernating in my old bedroom, which is oozing with the emo of a younger self.  Dried prom corsages, a signed Matt Nathanson stub, a battered ticket from a 2001 Dashboard Confessional show at the Salem Armory, and most noticeably, sharpied lyrics etched onto the wall, from Third Eye Blind’s Background to Ben Harper’s “not talking ’bout a year, no not three or four” to an abrupt ending halfway down the wall at “Enrique Ig” because I never did look up how to finish spelling the Hero singer’s name before I lost the sharpie.

Eight years later, and it is all still there, right next to my shining disco ball. I, however, am back at the grind in SF.

Today’s Emo: Last Night / The Morning Benders (Strokes cover)

‘see, people they don’t understand / no, girlfriends, they can’t understand’

The Morning Benders put a refreshing spin on a classic, injecting coy vocals, smooth guitar and playful synth into their take of Strokes’ Last Night. The Berkeley turned Brooklyn indie quartet pay tribute to that angsty rush of a ‘no one understands me – I am better off alone’ feeling, where you are suddenly ready to kthxbai yourself out of something. They make it sound good. #emo

Today’s Untz: Midnight City / M83 (Christian Strobe remix)

French electro-dream poppers M83 named themselves after a spiral galaxy, Messiar 83, a perfect name for such celestial sounds. Waves of electro, ambiguous noises melded together, soft indiscernible vocals over rolling beats… shoegazing ‘tro at its best. Wish I could gaze my way through Wednesday instead of facing catch up crunch time. #untz